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HS Guidance

Welcome to the guidance department of Crestline High School. Here you will find digital resources such as preapring for college or career paths, finding information about local scholarships, and finding useful information that will assist you along your high school career. Please explore our guidance website and feel free to contact me with any questions.
Penny Miller, School Counselor



ACT Test Info - Sign up for the next ACT test at www.actstudent.org or view ACT's test dates for the 2016-2017 school yearThe deadline to sign up for the April 8th Test is March 3rd.  Students will need to bring their admission ticket and a photo ID to test.

Students have been using the internet and social media websites and apps to connect with each other for many years. While parents may be familiar with Facebook, there are an increasing number of other ways for kids to communicate on the internet. While it's impossible for parents to keep up with all of them, it's important that parents understand and monitor the major ones. To that end, we've posted some helpful information below.
Facebook - Most parents are familiar with Facebook, but it can be hard to keep track of it's ever changing set of privacy settings and new features. Thisguide may help. 

Twitter - An app (and website) that let's you share your thoughts with the world in 140 characters. Twitter has seen an enormous increase in the amount of teens using it's service. By default, their posts are public. Some helpful articles on understanding Twitter:
A Parent's guide to Twitter from education.com
Another guide - from Edutopia
college admissions perspective on Twitter and social media.


Instragram - A photo sharing app that connects to other social media like Twitter and Facebook. 
What parents need to know about Instagram


Snapchat - One of the newest social media apps, Snapchat lets you share a picture that deletes itself after a set amount of time. However, the person receiving the picture still has the ability to take a screenshot and post it on the internet. It is an app that leaves a lot of opportunity for inappropriate use. Facebook has a similar app called "Poke".  A recent article with a helpful explanation for parents is here.



College and Career Tools

College Visits

Please fill this form out and return in it to Mrs. Miller for college visits.


College Visitation Form

College Search Tools


OCIS - Ohio Career Information System, great aide in college searching.

www.Cappex.com - Start a profile and search for colleges! See your chances of getting accepted as well!

www.princetonreview.com- Helpful college search aide.

www.collegeprowler.com- Open discussions about colleges from students and future students perpesctives.

www.Mymajors.com - Create a profile to find the best college fit for you. 

Ohio Board of Regents - Information on colleges in Ohio as well as scholarships and financial aid

Peterson's Online - Collection of useful information on the college search, financial aid, and test prep processes

Mapping Your Future - Career planning as well as helful aide in the selection of a school and how to pay for it.

EduTrek - College search aide, provides multiple search routes for schools.

College Athletics

What are your chances of a college athletic scholarship? Get an idea from this helpful infographic from ecollegefinder.com

Great informational webinar on the reality of college athletic scholarships and what you need to do if interested in being a scholarship athlete or playing college sports. It is aimed at students and parents.  

NCAA - This is the homepage for the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The largest of the college athletic associations. Two helpful guides are theirquick reference card and their guide for the college bound student athlete.

NCAA Eligibility Center- This site will provide you with information about initial-eligibility at NCAA Division I and II member colleges and universities. If you are thinking about playing sports at a Division I or II school you must register with the clearinghouse. Be sure to bring in the two release forms to the guidance office after you register. Please note that the clearinghouse is no longer accepting ACT scores sent on high school transcripts. You must request that ACT send the scores directly to the clearinghouse after you have tested. A list of AHS courses that count towards NCAA eligibility can be found here.

NAIA - The homepage for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. It is made up of small private or independent colleges, but has many of the same requirements as the NCAA. The NAIA also has put together a guide for NAIA bound college athletes. Students interested in playing at an NAIA school must register with the NAIA Eligibility Center

NCJAA The National Junior College Athletic Association provides opportunities for student-athletes to continue their athletic careers. The NJCAA is divided into three divisions just like the NCAA. The schools that are members of this organization are two-year community and junior colleges. After completing their eligibility, a student-athlete may choose to continue their academic and athletic career at a NCAA or NAIA school.


Please visit Mrs. Miller in her office to request a transcript

Test Scores

The following school want test scores directly to the school:

 Case Western Reserve 
 Cedarville 
 Cincinnati 
 Dayton 
 Denison 
 Findlay 
 Heidelberg 
 Kettering 
 Lake Erie 
 Malone 
 Miami of Ohio 
 NCAA Eligibility Center 
 Oberlin 
 Ohio Christian University 
 Ohio State University 
 Rio Grande 
 Urbana 
 Wooster


This is just a quick reminder that if you plan on attending a university, college, or vocational program and obtain any federal funding, you must submit a FAFSA document. The priority deadlines for the FAFSA generally fall in April and May, so make sure you have this document done and that your school has received it.
Step 1 - Complete and Submit FAFSA
To complete the FAFSA documentation, you simply go to http://www.fafsa.ed.gov You will need a department of education PIN code to submit your FAFSA. If you do not have a department of ed pin, simply visit: http://www.pin.ed.gov to get one.
Please remember FAFSA stands for FREE application for Federal Student Aid. You do not and will not have to pay to file this document. Make sure the ONLY place you put in FAFSA information is on the FAFSA.ed.gov website. 
Step 2 - Confirm Receipt
Most schools send you a confirmation once they recieve this document. Please note that it takes a few days from the time that you submit it to the time that the school recieves and processes this data.

Financial Aid Resources

In addition to the links below, contact the financial aid office of the college your student is interested in attending. They will also be able to assist you with questions about filling out the FAFSA and other financial options you might want to pursue. 

Financial Aid Office phone list for Ohio schools  

Financial Aid Comparison Shopper - Allows you to input information from your student aid report (SAR) and gives you a visual comparison of the aid schools are awarding you. Sponsored by the  Counsumer FInancial Protection Bureau

Student Financial Assistance Information - U.S. Dept. of Education - Information for students and parents on the financial aid process

FAFSA EXPRESS: Free Application for Federal Student Aid - Apply online, and it's FREE FAFSA PIN - An important element of the online FAFSA 

Fastweb's College Gold Financial Planning and Tools siteOhio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators - Resources for students and parents regarding financial aid in Ohio 

State Grants & Scholarships- Ohio financial aid opportunities e-Scholar - Government-financed scholarship and job opportunities


Make sure you are utilizing fastweb.com and scholarships.com and other scholarship resource tools for scholarships outside of the Crestline Community.

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